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Pike County Progressive Democrats


Brett Irving -- President
Kay Conner -- Secretary Treasurer
Danne Durall -- Vice President
Terry Martin
Mike Braungardt
Cindy Crowder
Tammi Zumwalt -- Press Secretary

Pike County Central Committee Officers

Chairman: Rick Orr
Vice Chairman: Jr. McCartney
Secretary: Donna Smith
Treasurer: Vicky L. Moyer

Precinct Committeemen

Chambersburg: Fred Morton
Flint: Wally Lindsay
Detroit: Gretchen Petty
Montezuma: Phil Graham
Pearl: Clay Laux
Perry: Teresa Myers
Griggsville 1: Danny Miller
Griggsville 2: Lyndle Main
Newburg: Harry Wright
Hardin: Murl Walston
Spring Creek: Harold Booth
Fairmount: Lozelle Martin
New Salem 1: Rusty Baehr
New Salem 2: Brett Irving
Pittsfield 1: Zack Orr
Pittsfield 2: Parker Zumwalt
Pittsfield 3: Rick Orr
Pittsfield 4: Mike Braungardt
Martinsburg 1: Donna Smith
Martinsburg 2: Jr. McCartney
Pleasant Hill: Kay Conners
Hadley: Donald Fee
Derry: Charles Dolbeare
Atlas 1: Wm. McCartney
Atlas 2: Donald Sapp
Atlas 3: Terresa Smith
Ross: Dennis Collard
Barry 1: Vicky Moyer
Barry 2: Rick Waters
Pleasant Vale: Drew Neese
Kinderhook 1: Hank Walton
Kinderhook 2: Pauline Tammen
Cincinnati: Rick Conner
Levee: Ted Swartz

If you have a question please contact your precint committeeman